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June 29, 2004


Kevin Wignall

What a relief - it still has "Harry Potter" in the title. On a serious note, I'm surprised that JKR has a turnover in the editor department. I know it's something most writers are used to - in the US, I've had five editors over the course of two books - but I would have thought, given the power of the HP franchise, the same editor would be kept in place.


Actually Kevin....there's a reason I included that editor bit in the same paragraph as the hoax titles.

Kevin Wignall

I won't be able to leave any more comments for a while - I'll be outside having some sense beaten into me!
P.S. Can I rest easy then? Has she had the same editor for all the books?
P.P.S. I can't BELIEVE my detector didn't go off with the mention of Bill Clinton!


The Hoax title would have been funny if it had been rendered Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storage, with a plot about data backup and disaster recovery.

Dave White

Maybe I'm the only one, but I have no problem with the Harry Potter series. First off, it gets kids to read, and read books that are huge, giving them confidence in their readings. Plus, Rowling's writing makes it clear she cares about her characters, puts them through situations that doesn't allow them to be stagnant, she knows her characters are going to grow up and the stories grow darker as well. Plus Potter has changed so much that he's hardly even likable anymore, he's an honest to God teenager. Rowling is a good writer, and while she may not deserve to sell out the world and top the bestseller lists, she's also certainly not worthy of all the hell she's goes though in terms of criticism.

Kevin Wignall

Dave, I don't think you're the only one at all. I haven't read the books but I agree totally that she's a great force for good in the world. And let's remember something else, unlike a lot of hyped authors, her books are actually read.


Speaking of Clinton.....I spent 4 hours in line with my three boys to meet the President. This was really a once in a lifetime opportunity for my boys to meet a living President. Since we live in Simi, they also got to see the funeral and memorial up close, thus their interest in meeting a living President. It will be awhile to read the book and understand his presidency.

It was a real circus...Secret Service, LAPD, and an unruly crowd that wanted to buy tickets to get books signed. Check eBay to see what a signed copy goes for, wow!

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