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July 06, 2004


red clay

jiminy cricket, honey.
sounds like a review of a mugging.

Dawn Bergemann

You are so right, this book is terrifically terrifying!

Simply put, the best and worst yet - and I hope for more intrigue from that author soon!

Very much reccommended, but be affraid...


the book is available in north america and i just picked it up th other day by chance at the book store. I'm so impressed with the writing, how emily was able to portray such emotion and state of mind the way she did. I was slightly disturbed..actually more shocked than anything reading this book but it was damn good.


I have read that book about 50 times, and I am probably going to reread it again and again and again.
I haven't read any of her newest. Am afraid they can only be dissappointing after "taming the beast".
LOOOOOOOOOOVE the way "taming the beast" judstifies what Sarah does beased on her past! Its simply brilliant!

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