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July 04, 2004



Excellent interview. I like the clarification on the Independent story. From the few times that I have met Connelly, it didn't fit.

I like the way that he doesn't toot his own horn and seem to be in awe that he has been this successful. The truth be told, he has a great character and he has done a great job of making us want more of Harry....

Kevin Wignall

Excellent interview, Sarah, particularly interesting on the book business and on the duplicity of some journalists. Congrats.

Jane Davis

Bravo Sarah! What a great interview. I am always surprised and pleased whenever I learn something new in an interview and you definitely accomplished that. It was not the same old boring questions asked a million times before. I look forward to all of your future interviews.

Bill Peschel

Very well done, for all the reasons above. Some of his observations about the writing process I haven't seen before -- about using real people and writing so as to amuse himself.

Unfortunately for you, Sarah, you haven't realized yet that the sole reason for Q-and-A's is to highlight the questioner's brilliance. Denying us your glorious insights by writing statements like:

SW: [goes into a long-winded spiel about my own editing practices]

May lead to an excellent interview, but keep you out of the pages of Vanity Fair.


Again, another bravo. I wouldn't have thought I'd be that interested in an interview with an author who doesn't do anything for me. But a high five to Weinman. Got to the nitty-gritty. All us authors hope to be in a position to be interviewed by you one day.


Very fine interview.. and another hurrah for Sarah! I will even forgive the spoiler bits on The Narrows, next up on the tbr. After all, you did warn us. ;-) It strikes me that the more we hear about the growing demands of book touring, coupled with the increasing disruptions to many authors' writing schedules, the more concerns I have that, in the finished products, we're perhaps not getting the _best_ they might otherwise produce. It's a worrisome trend. Just wanted to say that.

This is my first-ever posting here, though I've been dropping by every day for many months. Keep up the great work, SW!

Your friend in Chicago,

Dave White

Nice work... Great read.


A+, SW!


As you might suspect I don't read interviews. But I read this one and I am glad I did.

Way cool!


Very cool interview, Sarah--it beats all of the other Q&As I've seen in the past year. More, please!



When are YOU gonna have do a few for Shots?

Thanks Again - enjoyed it immensly



Ali--I think between you and Ayo, SHOTS has the interview beat pretty well covered...!

Duane--I'm still waiting to see the 26,000 word transcript, you know.

Bill--Maybe I'm just not a VF kind of girl (although I do have an extremely tenuous connection to the magazine.)

Annie-nice to see you here!

RB--thanks so much, especially since I basically took your seminar, so to speak.

To all in general--glad that you liked it. And hopefully, I'll do a few more in the future...

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