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August 31, 2004



Fantastic job Donna.


John Rickards

Very funny - I love the Legolas punchline. :-D

But the first one baffled the hell out of me, until I realised the word was "straining", not "staining". I thought for a moment we were back on your Glasgow drunks stories and the guy'd just pissed himself... ;*D

Jenny D

Good stuff...

I am most horrified to see that the police procedural one could actually be lifted from any actual police procedural, even given the last line of dialogue!


Thanks all :o) LOL John - that would have been a whole new genre :o)

Jim Winter

Noir: After we finished, I shot her. When the roar of the gun died in my ears, I knew I was finished.

Good job, Donna.


Donna - WE'LL MISS YOU. I haven't laughed so hard since...oh yeah, since that mysterious woman at the Nevermores walked off with all the awards.

But how about this: I just googled my third book, to see if it was listed on Amazon. It is, but it's also listed on something called "Slake.com" (Appease your hunger!) in the company of such hardboiled titles as "Lord Trenchard's Choice" and "Sin and Sensibility." Now I have nothing against romance novels (some of my best friends are romance novels) but we talking about a novel about a fascist cop involved in a war of extermination with leftist guerrillas. Not so much as one straining crotch. Somebody obviously needs your guide to bedroom scene classification.

P.S. I want to hear about the three types of Scottish men and how I sent my mother porn!


LOL Jim!

Rebecca - it sounds like there has been some mistake on the strained crotch front. Maybe you have a couple of chiselled jaws amongst your guerillas... And I wonder what Lord Trenchard's choice was...oh well, I shall never know. I shall e-mail you the Scottish men and the porn...errr...in a manner of speaking.

Heidi Moos

Simply brilliant!

Jason Starr

Great job, Donna! I feel like I've taken an on-line course in Scottish crime fiction!! Thanks for a lot of laughs, too...


Thanks :o) Oh, Jason, I DID mention the 3 hour exam next Tuesday didn't I? And they won't be of the "Lady Macbeth is pretty hard to live with, what with all that sleepwalking and that. Who was YOUR favourite Big Brother housemate, and why?" variety. There will be questions on every book mentioned. Jason, I think you're going to struggle. You might ace the Allan Guthrie question, but you're going to struggle with the one on M C Beaton's 'Not Very Painful Or On Page Death of A Wee Glasgow Hairy'

Ayo Onatade


I am actually supposed to be doing some work, but I had to get my daily dose of your witty remarks and comments. I have just finished drying the tears from my eyes I have been laughing so much. Truly excellent. I certainly love the different ways to judge a book by its cover. I am just sorry that I won't be at B'Con this year.


Phillip D. Stover

my real name is Phillip Stover and so is my son why do we have to be the victim





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