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August 31, 2004


Duane Swierczynski

Will it sound like logrolling if I say I'm looking forward to Donna's own PointBlank debut? Probably, but it's the truth.

Thanks, Kafka, for all of nice things you said about those loveable Dead Men.

There are many books I'm looking forward to, but the two that pop right into my head: Ken Bruen's CALIBRE, because I'm a serious Brant junkie, and Richard Stark's NOBODY RUNS FOREVER, because it sounds so damn ominous. Is this the last Parker novel? I sure hope not...



I second that Duane. Can't wait for Donna's book. There are several on her list that I'm eagerly awaiting as well.



Ah, so many. I'm looking forward to so many. Autumn/Fall 2004 promises to be the best in years, for me. I'm looking forward to Henning Mankell's BEFORE THE FROST (which, actually, I recieved today and have in truth already started: Henning Mankell is a crime writing genius: see Ian Rankin's forum for my exposition on why); Jose Carlos Somoza's THE ART OF MURDER (THE ATHENIAN MURDERS was quite simply superb, and I hope this it to); THE SILENT AND THE DAMNED by Robert Wilson (who was last year ROBBED of the Gold Dagger for THE BLIND MAN OF SEVILLE, which was also superb); Patricia Cornwell's TRACE (I know it's not particularly in vogue to look forward, or even like, Cornwell's work, but they're just not as bad as people say); GOING POSTAL by Terry Pratchett; THIRTEEN STEPS DOWN by Ruth Rendell (alright, I've already ready, but I still anticipate its release); FLESHMARKET CLOSE by Ian Rankin; NOT SAFE AFTER DARK, Peter Robinson's short story collection which is now being published over here, and, finally, TURKISH GAMBIT by Boris Akunin (I'm actually not too sure about this one; I loved LEVIATHAN, but this doesn't sound quite as good).

And after all that, I've already got my sights firmly set on 2005...Peter Robinson, Ian McEwan, Barbara Vine, Giles Blunt, Denise Mina, Donna Leon, Michael Cunningham... (I need help.)


Duane and Mary - thanks, but I'm disallowing it :o) Duane, I'm also looking forward to Calibre - it's the only Bruen I haven't read. I'd love to go out for a drink with Brant - what a character.

Rachel, I keep saying I'm going to get around to reading Terry Pratchett and the new one sounds like great fun.



It does indeed...and his standalone novels (i.e. not part of a series within the Discworld series) are normally great places for Pratchett initiates to begin...although I have to say, I did have to read at LEAST three novels before I came to appreciate them fully. They're so different from anything else I've read, so took a little getting used to. But I'm damn glad I kept with it.

Jeanne Ketterer

Carol O'Connell's Winter House. I think her Mallory is a hoot.


John Rickards

I'm so wildly uninformed for a writer, it's shameful. Admitedly, a couple of those mentioned above are amongst my vast pile of new reading matter that Sarah's encouraged me to look at. But even so, dreadful that I don't even know what's coming out next month, let alone next year.

The one pre-order I've got in and I'm waiting for is 'Tales of Human Waste', to round off my Transmetropolitan stack, but that ain't exactly crime and, well, ain't exactly conventional reading matter (newspaper columns from two combined collections from the main character of a graphic novel series). But I'm certainly looking forward to it, as half of the book I've never seen before.

To those looking for Pratchett standalones, if you haven't read it yet, I cannot recommend 'Good Omens' highly enough. Written with Neil Gaiman, and absolutely brilliant.

Charlie Stella

Grazie, Donna, for the plug. I've been glued to the political arena here lately ... my wife has already enrolled me in a 12-step program for political withdrawal ...

From up in Boston it'll be Marinick's, "Boyos" I'm looking forward to read.

I read the galley for Reed Farrel Coleman's next one, The James Deans, and it was awesome great.

I've read through several of Ken Bruen's upcoming novels to be released over here (all wonderful).

I'll take yous guys suggestions on your mentions and read, read, read ...

Tonight was the perfect night ... politics, pizza and my principessa! La Vita E'bella!

Ayo Onatade

Too many books are coming out that I am looking forward to reading. Off the top of my head - The new Robert Wilson which I have read THE SILENT AND THE DAMNED is excellent and well worth the read. I understand that this was suposed to be a trilogy but will now become four books as there are a number of unresolved issues to deal with. Of course the new Ian Rankin, Jose Carlos Somoza, Giles Blunt, Donna Leon - all of which have already been mentioned. DONE FOR A DIME by David Corbett, if I get to ansty about it I will try and get hold of the paperback version from the US, George Pelecanos and Robert Crais, Eric Garcia - THE CASSANDRA FINISHING SCHOOL FOR BOYS and those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head!!



John - I might try the Pratchett standalone then, and see how I get on before giving the series a go.

Charlie - you lucky man with The James Deans. And yes, Ken's are all wonderful. The man's a genius, I swear.

Ayo - Done For A Dime is brilliant. As it happens, I have a spare hardback floating around somewhere if you would like it :o)


I have an absolute ton of books to look forward to, but a few choice selections I haven't seen listed:

Jess Walter's CITIZEN VINCE (mid-Sept), because he's one of my favorite writers, really does the whole "literary crime" thing well

Domenic Stansberry's CHASING THE DRAGON (Oct) and THE CONFESSION (Oct) after years of publishing-induced dormancy

Jan Burke's BLOODLINES (Jan) because I want to know what Irene and Frank are up to and it's been a while

Michael Gruber's VALLEY OF BONES (Jan) as his "first" novel (after years of ghosting for his cousin Robert K Tannenbaum) knocked me for a loop

and Peter Moore Smith's LOS ANGELES (Jan) because holy crap, it's been five years since he wrote his first novel! And because his short story in LIKE A CHARM was one of my favorites in the anthology. Really interesting writer, to say the least.

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