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August 29, 2004



Welcome! So Westside story in Glasgow and restraining orders. I will glued to this blog for all the updates.
And I send you some proper booze to cure what ailes ya.

M o I

I am projectile vomiting Auntie Gertie, buttock exposing embarrassment, and head lice, all rolled into one

And you are thoroughly delightful. Enjoyed the bus story v much, and look forward to more dispatches from Glasgow.


Aw, come one, Donna. Fess up and tell 'em a Raz story! Drag the old boy out of the dungeon one last time, won't you?


Goodness - thank you Aldo, MoI and Mary - I thought everyone would just take a couple of days off and there would be no-one roaming the backblogs during my tenure. Thanks for your comments. And Aldo, a large Southern Comfort and lemonade would be lovely - thanks :o)


For a boring, dull, incoherent person with no good stories to tell, that was one of the most entertaining introductions I've read on here so far. Best of the luck during your time.

John Rickards

The whole thing's had me chuckling for a good few minutes now, from the vomiting aunt to the "farting in my chips" remark. Very funny. :-D

Jim Winter

When I grew up, I lived on the fringes of the Cleveland suburbs, well beyond the reach of the RTA. (Too bad, because I really would have liked riding the train in the morning.)

So when I moved to Cincinnati, the Metro was my introduction to life in the heart of the urban expanse.

I'm proud to say that the bus is responsible for meeting my first wino, my first accidental wandering into a gay bar (I ran to the nearest sportsbar, only a block in the other direction the next night), and that most embarrassing of situations - Mass transit in the wrong direction. Did you know if you get on the wrong bus, you could end up 30 miles opposite where you intended to be?

Never had a Westside Story incident, though I did almost ride a bus over the edge of a bluff on Harrison Avenue (which belongs more in Denver than the Midwest.)

Glasgow has bus service after 10 PM?


Thanks Byron and John :o) I have LOADS of Glasgow bus stories, but that one's my favourite.

Jim - yes indeed - in central Glasgow buses run all through the night (rather like open sores). Highly not recommended. You're better off with a Glasgow taxi driver (all except the one who got out of his cab and head-butted (or, as we lovingly call it here - gave him a 'Glasgow Kiss') a motorcyclist when I was in his taxi one night. The motorcyclist and I thought this was a very foolhardy thing to do, given the motorcyclist's big black shiny helmet.)

The town where my parents live, on the other hand, buses stop at 5pm. But then there's nothing to do after 5pm. Except go line-dancing (on't get me started)...



Donn you are doing great, just as expected. Can't wait for the rest of the week.


Kathy K

Hi Donna
Love the 62 Bus stories. I could read them all day but I have to work. :( I will definately be checking back for more. :) They are even funnier the second, third and fourth times. LOL

Kathy K


West side story ,huh? "When you're a get, you're a get all the waaayyy..." Only on public transit:)-M


I have never been to Scotland, could you let me know about some good places to go.


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