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August 31, 2004


Jim Winter

People who have sex are in a better mood than people who don't?


How hard up for news is the National Enquirer if they actually had to print this to fill space?

Or did they undersell their advertising?

How about this? People who have money and sex are in an insufferably good mood. Yeah. Give me both and let me have, oh, another forty years to tell you which I prefer. Yeah. Forty years ought to be enough time to figure it out.

John Rickards

Oh come on, Jim. Let's face it, if you could get a research grant to look into that sort of thing like these guys did (I mean, 16,000 people, they must've been paid just to ask the question), you'd do it...

And I like the idea of Amsterdam's guru toilets. They'd scare the... well, I was going to say they'd scare the crap out of me first time I heard them speak to me, but I suppose that's kinda the idea...


Jim - hmmmmm, in 40 years time I'm not sure that either would be much use to me ;o)

John - yes the toilets sound great in theory but with my luck I'd get one that soudned like my Mum "You used to be such a lovely little girl. Have you put weight on? Do you really need all those books? When did you last mop your kitchen floor?..."

John Rickards

Donna - that makes a horror story right there. A woman pursued by psychic fixtures and appliances... :-)

Jim Winter

Donna: Maybe not in 40 years time, but you could have a blast squandering both along the way.

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