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August 27, 2004



Well, it was a tough assignment. It is a mystery as to the fact that this book debuted at #9 on Amazon, #6 on the New York Times Book List and #10 on the Wall Street Journal (I guess they are all facts and figures).


In regards to Clarke's book being nominated, has a fantasy type novel ever won? The novel was hot before the announcement, so I'm sure it will be off the hook now.

Jenny D

I'm thrilled that Clarke's book was nominated! (I'm about 200 pages in on my review copy; it's GREAT.) Seriously, the longlist this year looks good, and we will cross our fingers that they don't pick another Vernon God Little (which was perfectly OK, by the way, but slight in every sense & on the whole written by someone with a bad ear for usage--the language was full of glitches...).

John Rickards

*... still can't get past that "people react differently to you when you've got jewellery on your head" remark from the Hilton story... brain locked up...*


Yeah John, I know what she means. One always wears one's Emerald tiara when doing one's housework. But it's a bugger when one is careless and one's jewels get sucked up in the hoover.


I wonder what writer's first book got turned away so that Ms. Hilton's masterpiece could be added to the catalog? Or am I being too cynical? Am I way off base?


Susanna Clarke was not a surprise. The NYTimes Magazine has already done an article on her and ARCs of her book are going for as much as $200 on eBay. In some quarters (not necessarily mine, mind you), this is the most anticipated book of the year.

Dave Whited

Good luck with you excursion this week.

Jeanne Ketterer

Any clues who the 'Pulitzer prize winning ghostwriter' is?


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