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August 09, 2004


Dan Wickett

Great job tracking him down Sarah. Very interesting how some are willed to write no matter what, and others write when they can find the time.



Thank you so much for "the scoop" on Ira Genberg. I, too, thoroughly enjoyed his first book, "Reckless Homicide" and was baffled by the lack of further publications. My research in this regard had turned up nothing, and so I am grateful for your efforts. ~KS~


I loved Ira Genberg's first book -- when I hear about his next one hitting the bookstores, I'll be one of the first people in line to buy it. I found "Reckless Homocide" at the Library but now that I know how well this guy writes, I would pay money to buy the book.

Here's another writer that has tried to disappear (although he writes thrillers, not legal type stories): Brian Harper. I started out with "Mortal Pusuit." What a thriller! Everyone I loaned this book to read it in one day -- couldn't lay it down. Even people who said they didn't like to read, read it and loved it. He also wrote "Blind Pursuit," "Deadly Pursuit," Shutter," "Shiver," and "Shatter," all of which I read. But "Mortal Pursuit" was the very best of all them. When I couldn't find any other books by him, I checked him out on the internet. I learned he changed his name to Michael Prescott (to get away from his image, I guess of writing books with the word "pursuit" in them. So far as Michael Prescott, he has written at least two books with rave reviews. Check him out. I'm going to.

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