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November 30, 2004


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I also saw Jen Banbury's name (I think) in an article in GQ on the Iraq War. I think she and another writer were chronicling a soldier's story. I didn't know about the Salon stuff, though. A HOLE IN THE HEAD was an awesome read.


Yup, I too have missed a follow-up to LIKE A HOLE IN THE HEAD. Way back when, I had heard that Calista Flockhart (her McBeal days) was supposed to star in a movie version. But as these projects often do, it must have died on the vine. I had no idea that Banbury was filing reports from Iraq. Worth it to register for a free Salon day pass, I think.


And for me, Jen Siler started out on a high and with each book, I've pouted with disappointment more. I wasn't really kid in my review of book three, Shot, which didn't work for me on several levels including the "hurry up and finish" ending that I find in far too many thrillers. I was awfully impressed by Easy Money - a book that Stephen White urged on me - okay, truth? bought me as a birthday present in a convention dealer's room and _handed_ to me saying "read this" - but at this point hesitate about reading her next one. Sigh.


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Jen Banbury’s Like a Hole in the Head book is odd --- oddly dark and disturbing, filled with odd characters that do weird things. No one is very likable, but I found myself totally in love with the main character, foibles and all. Loved the book and I think this is one of those book you can say you read just to impress people or lend them the book to get impressed by themselves.

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