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January 24, 2005




For those of you who can't get to it. Well worth reading.


Hi enjoyed reading this interview with fellow scientist (I'm a trained biochemist, who went into teaching and then adminstration)and mystery fan. Damn Sarah, multitalented woman. We need an mp3 of you singing now.

Jennifer Jordan

I agree about shorts. A voice has to be there withing the first couple of paragraphs. Cruel but an accurate way of determining what others will take the time to read. Shorts are no place for a slow build up.

Steven's 'Stoop, the Thief' grabbed me from the first line. He's one of the best character writers I've read.

I've liked every book Sarah has told me was worth the time to read. Actually, if she passes one my way I end up being an advocate and huge fan.

Anyone that knows Sarah knows that forensic's is it's own passion. Although she's a champ with research, that much schooling as a vehicle for writing is beyond even the all-powerful Weinman.

Though it would be great to see her knock a certain well-known author off her throne.

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