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January 25, 2005


Gerald So

Great story, Sarah: little transgressions building to big consequences.

John Rickards

Very cool, Sarah.


Good story. I wonder if you could take these stories and figure out the writer's personality?


You may not be able to figure out my personality from the story but you'll sure as hell figure out what I was drinking while I wrote it.


I really hope my story doesn't reflect on my personality.

No, wait. It does. Shite.

John Rickards

Ha! Your cunning ways won't work on me!

I don't HAVE a personality! Mwahahaha!!!


I plead the fifth. Oh wait, I'm Canadian...


Change that to "I'll TAKE the fifth," and I think many here would agree with you. I'll take a fifth myself.

Jennifer Jordan

The stories ended up being more divurgent than I thought. And as far as analzying them to reveal the nature of the author - hell. Don't.

Painful process, putting that little story out there to hang in the bitter, cold wind.


I second that emotion, Jennifer. I feel naked without my story going through an editor first.

I'm slowly making my way through the stories, and let me just say this: y'all are in dire need of professional help, Jesus, or a hug. (I mean that in a good way.)

Dave White

Great work Sarah. I just love how that story builds. Wow. So far, 5 down, more to go and you've all done terrific work.


I loved it. I love it. Great story


Tight story, Sarah. Loved how you brought it full circle.

Elaine Flinn

Sarah! Terrific! Why aren't you doing more of this? Why aren't you doing a full length? Not fair - I wanna read more.


Well, I have to say, I hated every single word of it. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Weinman, showing us all up to be HACKS like that. Where do you get off being so bloody accomplished, so friggin' effortless?

(storms off to cry in the corner)

Cornelia Read

Great great great story! You may yet convert me back to "shorts."

James C. Hess

I always enjoy a good story.

--The Tell Me A Story Writing Competition III.

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