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May 09, 2005



""O'Connor decided to write for herself, instead of trying to write something that was "marketable." "That was really a mistake," she says.""

I tell everyone the same thing. I made that mistake and I see it ALL THE TIME with aspiring writers. So many AP's are screwing themselves because they constantly read stories in Writer's Digest or The Writer about what agents or publishers are "looking for" and try to accomodate that instead on concentrating on just being the best writer they can be and writing the best story they can.

This is a soapbox/pet peeve of mine...

Cornelia Read

Have been dying to get my hands on a copy of BITCH POSSE since I saw it on Lee Child's "Best of '04" list for Mystery Ink Online. One look at just the TITLE and I was consumed with blistering envy. Man, do I suck at thinking up titles, and man, does Martha so NOT suck at it. The woman's got Descriptor Mojo I'd pawn my eyeteeth for, even if I had to stand in line all night at the DMV first.

Sounds like the book is every bit as fine--stuff you should wear hardcore sunglasses to check out, like an eclipse.

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