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June 22, 2005



"Trending gray at the roots"? Did I sleep through another meeting? When did "trend" become a verb?
Because I'm in THAT sort of mood - have been for a while - I'll say "quality fell off sharply? How can you tell?" I read one and a half of her books and when the second massively reiterated the plot of the first (as i recall, it was a while ago) I quit and never went back. But then, I don't find "sexy grandmas" funny and books where the women characters could be called "sassy" tend to make that twitch come back.

Ayo Onatade

I am a big fan of JE's Stephanie Plum series (don't get me started on the series that she writes with Charlotte Hughes!). I don't take them seriously and see them as my relaxing books that make me laugh. However I am not immune to the problems with the series.

I have never been too keen on the Bubbles series but if what Sarah says is true then I think that she has been treated very badly by JE. I have never been able to understand why some authors can't stand competition. I thought that it was a mistake that she pointed out that JE was her mentor and felt that it would be to her detriment.


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