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June 15, 2005



I love this. Great story, Sarah.

Bill Crider

Great job. Sometimes the indirect approach works best.

John Rickards

That's really cool.


Stunning. Elegant. Why the hell did you have to do this for our anthology and expose us for the hacks we are?

David J. Montgomery

I'm embarrassed that I neglected the 3000 word limit. I somehow missed that part.

Great job putting all this together, Bryon & Dave.

Dave White

Wow. What a wonderful story. Brilliant, timelines, characters, emotion. Nice work.


As I already told you via email, Sarah, this is wonderful. Your story worries are nothing - the characters make up for all that.

Very nice.

Cornelia Read



sarah they are right. you are elegance personified.
and also congratulations on not having TB.


Very nice story. Who knew klezmer was so hardboiled?


Thanks, all. And Graham, Brandwein's one of the most hardboiled characters I've ever read about. I mean, Murder Inc.'s favorite musician? Can't get much more hardboiled than that.


Wow. Great story, Sarah.

Gerald So

Appropriately, the story resonates. Well done, Sarah.

Otis Twelve

Great stuff, Sarah... and all involved... (I'm about a third of the way through the list... excuse me... the anthology.


What an intriguing character Brandwein is. I'd love to read the full account of how you came up with the story. Great stuff, Sarah.


Even with my nigh-on-nonexistent knowledge of the klezmer scene, Brandwein works in this context.

Elaine Flinn

One only has to read this blog to witness Sarah's masterful 'wordsmithing'-so your very real talent does not come as a surprise-but CONGRATS! You're terrific and please let's get that novel going, okay???

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