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June 29, 2005


David J. Montgomery

I read and enjoyed Sandra's new book, This Dame for Hire. It's a fun read, with an interesting setting and protagonist.

Should be a review of it coming soon.


This was great, Sarah. Excellent stuff.

Naomi Hirahara

Fantastic interview--can you imagine you and your writer friends having this kind of conversation 40, 50 years from now? Cool. More power to MJM and SS!

Sandra Scoppettone

I think it would be fun to have more of two writers interviewing each other. They don't have to know each other or be friends...and I know no one is as old as MJM and I...so there can't be any 50 year type interviews. But who cares? I'd love to see an interview with Charlie Stella and Laurie King, for instance. I'm sure others can think of duos they'd like to read. What do you think?


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