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July 20, 2005


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» Camped out from WYSIWYG Talent Blog
Phew! Last night's summer camp stories show was the perfect way to beat the heat -- P.S. 122's a/c was working perfectly (for which everyone was grateful) and the lineup totally hit a home run with stories that were funny,... [Read More]



Priceless. I'll have to remember that line next time we are out at a bar together ;-)


"wondering why everyone seems to have a summer boyfriend but you…OK, well, maybe those experiences are a little more me-specific."

unfortunately I had that same experience. over and over in my life. until finally one weekend I met a boy who liked ME for the weekend, no one else! me me me! and we made out in the woods. well, really just kissed and held hands secretly. And I never saw him again.

But that's the draw of the camp boyfriend isn't it?

this is phenomenal Sarah. I bet you did great.

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