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August 29, 2005



Here's the Bouchercon group.


If you already have a flickr account, just join this group. Once you have joined you can send any of your pictures to the group. They'll still be on your site, but folks will also be able to see them from the group site.

If you don't have a flickr account and don't want one (they are free), then use Sarah's special Bcon account.

I'm tagging all my flickr photos from the event with bouchercon and bcon tags. That way even if I forget to send something to the group, folks might still be able to find it.

And don't worry, its all easier to do than it is to write.


David J. Montgomery

When the hell is Harry gonna drink if he's busy doin all that stuff?


i'm going a tad nuts - unable to bring the laptop with me and i want SO to be able to blog from Bcon.(no pictures though, I don't DO pictures.) But since I'm traveling alone this time, without Stu, the willing Sherpa boy, I can't deal with the extra baggage. So imagine this post is in green for envy.

Harry Hunsicker

Expect my B-Con blog to be heavy on pictures and light on commentary.


Andi - you don't "do" pictures????? *does not computer*

i am very much looking forward to my brief B'con visit. mark my words, it will be FULL of pictures.


The Flickr account is a great idea! Last year I posted my photos on my own blog, but a general repository of photos will be really useful.


I just bought a little wireless adapter for my laptop. So if all goes well, I'll be doing some Bouchercon blogging along with Allan Guthrie, my heterosexual life partner. You'll just have to guess who is blogging what. (I'm going to throw in a bunch of haggis references just to confuse the issue.)


Hey Andi, I'll have my laptop with me so if you are feeling the need to blog, give me a yell. You can log in through my computer.


I don't "do" pictures as in a) I dislike having my photo taken so I tend to avoid cameras b) don't have a digital camera so cannot upload anything to our computers and c) haven't taken a picture in so long, I don't know that I remember how. I balance Harry as I'd be light on pix and heavy on commentary - in part because I expect to hang out in one place and not go all over taking pictures. I'm not attending the banquet, for example AND since I tend to be seated 98 percent of the time, think taking photos would be a nuisance that I'd have to probably stand up for. Not worth it, especially given that so many other people have the technology, the interest and the ability. For some reason, I tend to prefer verbal memories, not visual and prefer stories to photos.


I'm planning on taking my laptop which has wireless built in (note to Duane: HA HAA!) , so if the place has wireless internet access, I'll likely be blogging as well.

Andi: I feel your pain. I hate having my pic taken as well. I've always said I'm like baseball and the Grateful Dead: I have to be experienced live before you get it.


Dusty - should I bring the Groucho glasses?
The hotel's web pages promises "high speed internet access in all meeting rooms" but i'm not clear if "high speed internet access" means wireless. Translation anyone? I did not actually see the word "wireless" anywhere.

Harry Hunsicker

"i'm not clear if "high speed internet access" means wireless."

I just called. The Sheraton Chicago has a free Wi-Fi network in the main lobby. Guest rooms have high-speed, wired internet access for $9.95 per day.


Thanks for the info Harry. The wi-fi will make it very convenient.


Thanks Harry - now let's hope it works. I seem to recall trying in El Paso and finding out the wireless stuff was acting up - of course, just when we were there. hmph.

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