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August 30, 2005



Two comments to Laurie, whom I've known for several years and am STILL happy to see at a convention, because friendly faces, writer or reader, ARE part of the community. One - my knee jerk "don't forget about us" routine - don't forget that most folks who attend conventions AREN'T the writers but the readers who make up a large part of this community. (But I do know what you mean about catching up with other writers who ARE part of your community, even if yeah, it's a sort of weirdly spread out one.) Two is, it's a sacred and hallowed tradiiton that even if you DO live in an area rich with writers, and full of folks you know from the book world, that you must try to have at least one meeting/drink/something with someone who lives not far away. In fact it's an unwritten rule from the sf wolrd that you know you're a fan when you travel hundreds, nay, thousands of miles to have dinner with people from your home town. Whom you haven't seen in AGES.


Sorry to hear that Billie's breasts won't be in attendance. My first B-Con and now I find out some famous traditions will come to an end. I'm always a year or two late for the fun.


Hey, Billie - You want to live on coffe, cigarettes & drink? Look me up-we have quite a little Bcon group that can always find a spot on the sidewalk to indulge in our nearly forbidden habit!


Don't worry Otis. After a few drinks my breasts will be on full display and we'll start a new tradition.

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