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August 31, 2005



Every five minutes I go from scared to not scared and back again about going this year. But some useful advice there, and it seems the rule is for any crime-related convention, stay near the bar. It was certainly the rule at H'Gate.

Now all I gotta do is catch that freakin plane...

Robert Gregory Browne

Now you have me wishing that I hadn't decided to stay home this year. My book doesn't come out until 2007, so I figured, why not sit this one out and hit the next one?

But it sounds like this would have been good preparation. Plus, Chicago. How could I have been so stupid to pass it up?

Clea Simon

So psyched... here's hoping Katrina remnants don't mess with the flights. How often do I get to wear my cat shoes, after all?

Ingrid (I.J.Parker)

Bar? All day and all night? That should tell you something about this business. Drowning my sorrows, getting some liquid courage, exhibiting interesting Bohemian leanings (very artsy, that), or having an excuse for spouting driveling nonsense when everyone expects brilliant insights.

m.j. rose

You will be so missed, Sarah!


Sarah, you're not the only one who will be glancing towards Chicago longingly.

Dave White

Sarah? Yeah, she's here, I just saw her five minutes ago. Don't know where she went though.

Dave White

By the way, my first ten minutes at Bouchercon were really confusing, until I realized I wasn't even at Bouchercon, but some other convention.


Ah yes, that would've been extremely entertaining - watching Dave White meandering through the St. Vincent DePaul convention, wondering why his friends were suddenly quoting scripture and toting Bibles...

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