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August 25, 2005


Dave White

Baby loves me... yes yes she does... oh the girl's outta sight, yeah.

JA Konrath

I named my first dog Neil.

The other dog is, of course, named Jack Daniels.

Cornelia Read

I named my first dog Arlo. I named my last cats Booger and Suckbag.

And on that warm and gracious note, Welcome, CJ...

Ken Bruen

Watch out for C.J. and umbrella's.......ask Jason Starr for clarification.....and as for writing.....this lady is the biz......and then some, gonna be the name to drop.....
Plus, she's got one hell of a sense of humour and God knows, she'll need it
gra go mor


Thank you for the warm welcome. This should be an interesting day.....and as for the the whole Neil Diamond thing. The man rocks!

Jim Winter

She says CJ Box looks better in a cowboy hat.

I'm not buying it.

But then she doesn't need a cowboy hat, so who cares? She looks better than Box period.

JA Konrath

I saw Neil front row in Milwaukee for the Lovescape tour. Seeing him do Brother Love live gave me chills.


But will there be ribs? :)


Also, CJ, are you familiar with the band Super Diamond? They came out of my town, but they do tours and they do all Neil Diamond covers. Fun stuff. Have seen them live a few times.

CJ Carpenter

Jim, thank you for those very kind words -- seriously, the hat doesn't look so hot on me. JA, can I tell you how jealous I am...you got front row seats to see Neil! Ed, I have not heard of the band Super Diamond. I must check them out.


Hey CJ! Welcome to the blog. Glad to have you hosting. Can I just say, I totally get the Neil Diamond thing. How can you not love a man who wears sequined vests? my mother-in-law just returned from a concert and got a shirt that says: "Diamond Girl". I think you need one.

CJ Carpenter

I got one (Diamond Girl t-shirt) on Monday! He played in upstate NY. And thanks for the welcome.

Jason Starr

The "female John Sandford" blurb belongs to Ken Bruen. I was there when he wrote it.......on a cocktail napkin.


Dearest Ms. Carpenter:
While I must confess to thoroughly enjoying your piece, I find myself questioning your seemingly nefarious desire of personal exposure. As if discussing your virginity was not taking things too far, you have the unmitigated nerve to divulge your love for
Barry Mannilow? This is a literary scandal in the making.

Derrick Winslow

So wait.

You don't have a book yet? You're working on one? But all these people have already read your work-in-progress? Is that it?

JA Konrath

I want to be the male John Sandford.

CJ Carpenter

Jason is correct Ken Bruen did write it on a napkin. I'm sad to say the napkin went through the wash. Does it still count? I mean it was witnessed. Oh, and Jason, so sorry about the umbrella incident.


Welcome C.J. It's nice to finally have a guest blogger prettier than Barry Eisler (I keed, I keed...sort of).

CJ Carpenter

Thanks Bryon..I hope your compliment doesn't upset Barry (Eisler not Manilow). Also, JA, it would require major surgery but I wouldn't mind being the male John Sandford too.


Welcome, C.J.! Let them kid you all they want about Niel Diamond-just know you're not alone-I've loved the guy for years. Cracklin' Rosie lives on!

CJ Carpenter

Thanks Elaine, I'm willing to take the fall for the Barry Manilow cd's I own, but when it comes to Neil, I stand proud.


Hey CJ, How are you surviving your day of blogdom? Hang in there.

CJ Carpenter

Mary, I've been enjoying my Guest Blog day. However, my mother just called, I kind of forgot she'd read this and she wondered about the whole 'deflowerment thing' She also wanted to know when the marriage/kid thing is going to happen (my b'day is next week, it's a question she always asks around this time) and she said I have "Irish child bearing hips" Tough crowd.


When I was posting pictures from the Coney Island Mermaid Parade I had to remind myself that my mother checks out my photoblog. Meant leaving a few of the more risque pictures out. Even so she was amazed at the costumes, or lack thereof.

My mother used to threaten to adopt grandchildren. A useless threat since I thought it was a great idea. They've since gotten a cat, which seems to have appeased them a bit. That and knowing that they just getting a bit late for me to have kids.

Happy Birthday in advance.


C.J., I hope your Irish child is a joy... I have an aunt who had Danish child bearing hips, but surprise, surprise she had, a Latvian child. and BTW, who is the male C.J. Carpenter?

CJ Carpenter

Thanks Otis..and that is a very good question, who is the male CJ Carpenter?

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