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August 26, 2005


Marjorie James

Man, way to make me feel left out (I just started a new job- no vacation time yet). I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through blog coverage.


Hey, Marjorie, you are not alone!! I wish I could be there too. I am sure there are as much people can't make it for one reason or another.

Steve Miller

Does anyone know which blogs will be providing Bouchercon coverage?


Harry Hunsicker is going to blog from the conference -
He has named it: The Blog that Ate Chicago. Should be a lot of fun. I just wonder if this means I have to behave myself.


Yes, Margery-it does mean you'll have to be good. Besides, since I won't be there to be bad with you it wouldn't be as much fun anyway, right?


Right now what B'con means to me is anxiety, since Independence Air seems to have completely lost my plane reservations...


I don't want to hog the blog, as it were, but Elaine Flinn is one of the all time great bar buddies and Bouchercon will NOT be the same without her. However, I promise to make the supreme effort to have a great time in spite of her absence.

JD - call their corporate office on Monday if you can't straighten it out with their 800#.

Cornelia Read

Elaine, you're NOT GOING???? HORRORS!!!! If you see someone beating on your window yellling "ELAINE! ELAINE!" like Dustin Hoffman at the end of The Graduate, it will be me...

John Rickards

What it means to me?


Lots of beer, with various friends I don't see other times of the year.

I hear there's some kind of convention that goes on around the drinking, but I've never seen any proof.

David Terrenoire

I'm a newcomer to this community so Bouchercon will give me a chance to meet writers I know only through their work.

And Dusty's promised to buy me a drink.

(Assuming he gets his airline reservations settled.)


The nice folks at Independence Air seem to have ironed the problem out. Fingers crossed...

PJ Parrish

Bcon makes you realize you aren't alone in whatever ring of hell you envisioned yourself alone in. The rings are, in descending order:

1. minor writers block
2. Amazon ranking 2,344,566
3. editor abandonment
4. agent not returning calls
5. Backlist not in B&N
6. Dog ate manuscript; no backup file
7. The world's ugliest cover
8. 57th rejection letter
9. End of contract panic
10. Used up last good idea two books ago


Hugs...it means hugs.



Sadly, I'm not going to make this year as planned. I'm opening a new school on Wednesday 8/31 and it would be impossible to be Chi Town the next few days. Have a drink for me and remember to take plenty of pics, especially bar pics....

David J. Montgomery

To follow-up on PJ's list... It's okay to complain about the last review you got. Just look around first to make sure s/he isn't standing behind you. :)

Louise Ure

It means cigarettes and dirty gossip on the sidewalk with Elaine Flinn. And I just heard that, yes, ELAINE IS COMING AFTER ALL!

Cornelia Read

There is a God.


Bouchercon - the family reunion of my chosen family where I get to see my favorite cousins, the ones I only get to see once a year and the aunts who never quite fit in with the rest of the family but who are the BEST conversationalists in the world. And my real brothers and sisters. And all the new guys.
and to FINALLY put a face to someone I've been talking to for what seems like AGES. And to see folks that I haven't seen in ohmigod 3 years???? And to cheer for someone winning something they deserve (oh PLEASE?!!!?!)

It's home week, it's the chance to have some of the best conversations in the world. It's the chance to laugh so hard it hurts. And to find a new author, a new book.

Ayo Onatade

A chance to meet people that I only know via e-mail, catch up with friends and the fact that due to work committments this might be the one and only chance I get to go to B'Con unless they schedule another one in September sometime soon. Ooh, more importantly, the fact that I am on a panel on Thursday morning at 11am in the Huron Room talking about Reviewing on the web!!!


Ohhhhh! I've got goosebumps and I feel like Sally Field.

See you in the bar Wed night 'yall! Did I spell that right P.J.??


For me, Bouchercon provides camaraderie, a sense of belonging and shared passions, and a great reminder that even though I'm 'just' a reader, I can participate, if only in a small way, in the crime fiction genre. What a treat.

Glad to hear that you're going, Elaine!

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