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September 05, 2005


Dave White

Yeah, I name dropped, but I rarely do that. And now... NOW, I have Sarah's permission to do so... which we all know... that's like... having Presidential permission.

Ingrid (I.J.Parker)

I somehow missed Dave White. :(
But he must have missed Barry Eisler, who is truly gorgeous and absolutely oozing charm in person. Mind you, I liked him already after reading his first novel, but he was an absolute hoot on his "thriller" panel, moderated expertly by David Montgomery.
And speaking for myself: this time I had a ball at Bouchercon. In case nobody else attended the Shamus awards: Ken Bruen is another writer who is very funny in person and on stage -- and of course, a brilliant writer. I made a point of telling both how good they are. :)

Dave White

Actually I did get to shake Barry's hand for about a minute, but I missed you Ingrid. Damn.

David Terrenoire

As this was my first Bouchercon, and fewer people have read my novel than those who've read the graffiti in Lizzie's men's room, I was impressed by the generosity of the people I met.

Of course, that was after copious amounts of alcohol were consumed.

And I got to thank Janet Hutchings in person. Without her, I wouldn't have a novel. If there was a more lovely and kind person at the convention, I didn't meet her. Thanks again, Janet.

Jim Winter

Sarah, I learned the hard way you always take US 1 through Jersey, at least north of New Brunswick. Down toward Princeton, it wasn't so bad.

Sort of.

I drove it on Saturday. Whoever laid out the Turnpike exits in Newark smoked lots of crack.

Dave White

Wow. My theory... the Turnpike is the best of the major roads, the Parkway is always backed up and Route 1 is just full of lights and stop and go. That's just me though.

Karen Olson

I ditto David's comment, although he did have a leg up on me since my first book is out on the 19th so even fewer have read mine as the book room folks said it was "on order" and not there. But everyone I met was wonderful and gracious and made this "newbie" feel a real part of the community. So sorry I couldn't meet you, Sarah, but hopefully at some point...


I had a great time at Bouchercon, but was disappointed that I didn't have more time to spend with people. I don't know if it was the setup or some other reason. But this year it just seemed harder to hook up with folks, especially the reader part of the convention.


Well, gosh darn! I didn't get to meet Dave White either! And I especially wanted to say hello to Ingrid and blew that too. So-Hi Dave and Hi Ingrid! See you at ThrilFest?


Hi, Dave and Elaine. We'll meet in person next time. Yes, not enough time to meet people, and such people! I missed so much. Must work harder and longer next year -- or is that drink harder and longer?

Cornelia Read

Bouchercon was so wonderful, I think I must have been hallucinating. DAMN, but this is a kind and fun and generous community.

My favorite part was sitting next to Elaine Flinn when they announced that she'd won the Barry for best PBO, and being the first person to kiss her.

The worst part was NOT HAVING SARAH THERE! Other than that, though, it was all gravy.


If anyone is having trouble uploading to the pooled Bouchercon Flickr photo site http://www.flickr.com/groups/bouchercon/
you might try using the e-mail option that's offered. Worked for me, even with this slow dial-up connection. And it is an alternative way to shrink the size of the pics.

190 pics are there this morning ..

(We missed you, Sarah..)

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