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September 05, 2005


Jason Starr

Thank you, Sarah....But, actually, I'm staying in pb original in the U.S. for my next book with Vintage Crime (out in 06)...However, I will now be in hardcover in the U.K.

David J. Montgomery

Hmmm.... so maybe you'll need that Gumshoe after all, Mr. Starr! :p

Seriously, though, congrats to Jason and Kent and Harley and Elaine and Barry and everyone else who won. This year had a great group of winners, all well-deserved.

There probably are too damn many awards, but I also think they serve a useful purpose. If an award can help generate attention for and interest in an author and a book, I'm all in favor of it.


'All over the map'?? I couldn't agree more - just to be on the same list as Jason, Dom, Thomas Cook, Larry & Moria was enough of a shock for this old bag and I'm still reeling. Heavy weights all-and with utmost humility-may I say it was an honor to be among you-and it will most likely never happen again.

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