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March 19, 2006



It was great to finally meet you, too, Sarah.

And it was an awesome convention, all hail Adrian and Myles.

Now, must take a nap -

Stuart MacBride

Mmm, nap... can't nap, must work...

Nice to see you Mz W! Alcohol and sleep deprivation make for strange bedfellows, but not as strange as John and Russel. Allegedly.


Extremely good to meet you, Sarah, and TYFTKW on SC. Donna insists that Mean Streets would be her first and last panel, but I won't hear of such a thing.

Duane Swierczynski

Sam Neill? Like, the guy from "Jurassic Park" Sam Neill? The "Omen III: The Final Conflict" Sam Neill?

Martyn Waites

Brilliant to see you again, Sarah. Looking forward to you attempting to recreate the Bristolian female Saturday night attire. Although I suspect Russell will get there first. And I'm still laughing over his Lionel Blair comment.

Charlie Williams

Great meeting you Sarah.

Ingrid (I.J.Parker)

Thank the Lord, she's back!

John Rickards

I'd forgotten all about the Lionel Blair thing. That nearly killed me, I was laughing so hard.



Very nice to meet you, although I guess you can't be sure it really was me with that photo.

Martyn - Be careful what you wish for... I was thinking I need a new look for Harrogate next...

And that Lionel Blair, what a trooper...

Declan Hughes

Very nice to meet you, Sarah.

Philip Patterson

Lovely to meet you, Sarah.

David Thompson

It was great meeting Sarah, Donna Moore, Ray Banks, Charlie Williams, and so many others! What a great conference. Adrian & co. did a superb job. And I'm with Duane: do you mean JURASSIC PARK's Sam Neill?? We wanna hear more.

Deb Andolino

Don't forget about the Dilys award going to Colin Cotterill for his book THIRTYTHREE TEETH. The book was marvelous. Highly recommended but start with the first one -- THE CORONER'S LUNCH.

Aliens & Alibis Books

Louise Ure

Lovely to finally have a face to go with the blog-voice, Sarah. But I can't believe that with all the time you and I spent in the bar, we still never had that drink together! I owe you one in Madison. But it probably won't be a Stella.


I completely forgot about the Dilys - so thanks for the mention Deb. I'm with you on the "highly recommended" bandwagon for this author.

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