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March 07, 2006



Damn, this is more chilling than a lot of the stuff on here....Leonardo Sciascia's work come to life.

Why the hell aren't there more comments about this?

Stephen Blackmoore

Part of the problem I'm running into is that everything I'm finding on Google is in Italian.

Damn my public school education! Anyone else hearing anything on this?

Karen Dionne

Susan Henderson published this today on her PM blog:

"Thank you to my fellow Carnegie Mellon person, Dennis Johnson, for delving into the Douglas Preston case. Be sure to tune in to MobyLives on Saturday."

Should be interesting to hear what Doug has to say on this.

Vicki Larson

This is my first acquaintance with this blog. I wish to do anything in my power to aid in cause of this Italian Journalist. I will attempt to follow up so I can see any posts or ideas of what, if anything, I can do.


Italian journalist Mario Spezi arrested today. More info on my blog with links to the main Italian newspapers reporting the news. In Italian.

P.S.: Sarah we met at the BookExpo in NY in June - I'm the Italian blogger and journalist who was there. Ciao!


Has someone written to P.E.N. and Reporters Without Borders on this?
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

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