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May 01, 2006


Olen Steinhauer

Really great news, though I do wish the cops involved would be tossed in the clink as well. No one should accept this kind of bs, even if short-lived, because then it'll just go on and on.

Martin Elbl

Belated comment on great news. Spezi's treatment in prison (being ordered to strip and do push-ups after each interrogation) was shameful and barbaric. In permitting or abetting it, Mignini and Guittari had committed acts of cruelty and torture, and should be tried for those acts in an international "judicial crimes" court of law (if one existed), or at the very least sacked immediately and without ceremony. Their behaviour, and that of their police minions, was unworthy of a civilized country. They have forfeited not only the right to wear a uniform or a judge's robe, but the right to be considered members of the human race.

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