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May 03, 2006


Kevin Wignall

Very interesting. Of course, even for people like me who have very eclectic tastes, this is very good because it plays a variety of whatever you happen to be in the mood for.

I put in "The Pixies" and it's doing the business playing a good mix of old favourites (Mudhoney, Husker Du!) and some I didn't know (The Golden Republic).

One good feature for those (also like me) who have challenged concentration spans, you can only skip so many tracks before it cuts out and tells you to just sit back and enjoy the music (which means that unlike the music blogs you can also get some work done while you're listening).

Finally, it's very fast with no apparent buffering required.

Good call, Sarah, it's going in my favourites.

Stephen Blackmoore

If you like Pandora, you might want to consider this:


It links up Pandora with Last.fm (http://www.last.fm/)

Last.fm builds a library based on a database music profile, rather than giving you things based on different types of similarity.


Hey! I love your blog. Love it. Love it. Love it.


Oh my goodness, this is wonderful! Thanks Sarah. Brilliant stuff. I've tried it on loads of bands I like and it's come up with some great stuff. There's only one band it hasn't managed to find so far, and it's come up with several new to me bands that I'm definitely going to look out for.


Oh, hell. Now I'll NEVER get any work done.


I like the idea, but when a request for "Dr. John" takes me to the Blues Brothers singing "Soul Man," then it is just Not For Me.


Pandora is totally awesome.
I don't like that it limits your song skipping ability though. sometimes the songs they choose are lame.


it's great. I have a whole bunch of stations so if i get sick of one, i just move to another- the song skipping limt is only for each station.

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