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June 28, 2006


Bill Crider

Thanks for the news. Spillane's one of the greats (IMHO, as we like to say).


Good grief!


Although some (most?) of his later stuff was really junky, Spillane's early novels were what lured me to crime novels in the first place, and I'll always be grateful. Long live the Mick!


Huh. There's also a street named for him in Elizabeth, NJ.


I think they're missing a great opportunity if they don't name the road "Mickeyspil Lane."

But that's just me.

Sean Chercover

That story warms my heart. I hope it passes the South Carolina general assembly.

Mickey Spillane STILL doesn't get enough respect.

Stacey Cochran

When I was a kid, my family used to go to Murrell's Inlet almost every summer. There's a state park just a few miles south of town called Huntington Beach State Park. What we'd do is we'd camp at the state park and drive up to Murrell's Inlet for the seafood.

There ain't many places in the world with much better seafood than Murrell's Inlet.



Calabash, Stacey. Calabash.

Stacey Cochran

I have vivid memories from childhood of Calabash-style buffets at Myrtle Beach.

"All-You-Can-Eat" blinking in neon out front, and there was always some crazy looking pirate on the sign. And mini-golf across the street...

Go-carts, mini-golf, and beachfront video arcades where you could smell the salt water and cocoa suntan lotion and there was always sand on the floor ... those are the memories of my summers along the South Carolina coast.

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