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July 18, 2006


David Terrenoire

I appreciate the historical context and the fact he's Max's son's godfather carries special significance, indeed.

A very warm and personal tribute.

David J. Montgomery

I'm embarassed to say, I've never read Mickey Spillane. But reading that tribute -- by a man whom I respect a lot -- makes me want to pick one up.

I think I will.


And Spillane was himself kind of the literary godson of Carroll John Daly -- that's history too.

Spillane was one of the greats, and that's straight-up.

Keith Raffel

I didn't read Mickey Spillane; I listened to it on tape as I drove hither and yon. The impact of his simple, direct prose could still be felt five decades after he wrote I, the Jury. Powerful stuff.

Grant McKenzie

Fantastic tribute, Max.
I was truly saddened by the news of Mickey's passing. His books have been a huge influence on me as the man always knew how to keep a reader turning the pages and reaching for the next book. In my youth, I scowered every used book store I came across until I hit the entire Spillane collection, which to this day still has a special section to itself.
At the moment, I'm still an undiscovered writer (though my agent feels the new book I just finished is the one), but one of my dreams was to team up with Mickey Spillane on a book idea that I have. I guess the dream wont come true, but maybe one day I can write and publish that book as a tribute. I think he would have loved it.

Cap'n Bob

The second I heard about The Mick, my thought was of Al Collins. I knew this would be a hard blow for him, though perhaps not unexpected. I'm sorry for the world for losing a great character and writer, and I'm sorry for Al for losing a dear friend.

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