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November 16, 2006


Philip Hawley

Congratulations to my friends at Killer Year!

If you could convert this group's energy into electrical power, it would probably light up New York City.

Rob Gregory Browne

Thanks, Phil! And thanks of course to Scott Miller, who is the best agent a guy could ask for -- and to JT, who spearheaded this effort from the beginning.

We're all thrilled.

Tasha Alexander

This is great--JT, baby, YOU ROCK!

Elaine Flinn

Fantastic group, and as Phil said - loaded with energy - but most important - the very real talent is there - and even greater - terrific people.

I'm especially pleased for my pal, J.T. She's one dynamo and a sweetheart.

JT Ellison

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing this wonderful news. We are truly excited.
And the Killer Year members, friends of Killer Year, mentors and Mr. Miller made this happen. I'm just the typist.

Stephen Blackmoore

Couldn't have happened to a better bunch of miscreants. Congratulations, folks.


Cool news - The KY Crew are interesting writers, and hey Sarah, just noticed you're in ECHO PARK....very cool


cj lyons

Mega Congrats to all my former KY2007 classmates!! This is fantastic news! Hope you all are celebrating, CJ

Stacey Cochran


Sandra Ruttan

And at this rate, we might be able to sell a KY joke book by the end of 2007 as well...

Cornelia Read

So cool! I am stoked for all the KY crew, and can't wait to read this!!!

Kim H

Exciting news! Congrats to the KY crew. Can't wait to read this one.

Dave White

That's cool. Like really cool.

Daniel Hatadi

Congrats to all of the KY Crew.

The KY Crew: helping dry people everywhere.

Did I just say that out loud?

Plot Baby Plot

There damn well better be a Dave White story in this anthology. And it better be in the front of the book, none of this "alphabetical order" crap.

Dave White

All right seriously, who is this Plot Baby Plot guy and what did he do with the original Plot Baby Plot?

Bill Cameron

I am giddy! Thanks for the shout out, Sarah!


Whoo hoo! Congrats to the KY Kids. (I love that nickname).

JT Ellison

Not to drag the conversation into the gutter, but...
I'm just so damn proud that all you boys get giggly about the acronym. : )
There, I've said it out loud at long last. Maybe we need a new marketing campaign. Thank goodness we didn't go with the name "Always Good" 2007. Who knows what people would think.

Daniel Hatadi

Nothing lights up the world more than a good manly giggle.

Mike MacLean

All I can say is...very cool.

thomas o'callaghan

Congrats! New tee-shirts for ThrillerFest '07?

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