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December 20, 2006


Jim Winter

That's scary. The indie shops are a must stop for me everytime I'm in New York, and now I'll never get to visit Murder Ink.

Which makes those visits to Partners and to Black Orchid all the more urgent.


Mysterious is now located a few blocks from Partners. Make sure to hit it as well.

I didn't know Tom Cushman had left Murder Ink. He was a real gentleman and knew his stuff.

Terrible news. I assume Ivy is also going.


This is so sad for so many reasons. I visited Murder Ink for the first time in 2004, and bought gobs of great books -- books that could only be found in stores owned and run by people who cared about the written word.



Keith Raffel

When in the City, I usually stay with friends who are just up the block from Murder Ink. And now, alas, it won't be there. I guess on my next visit I'll just be spending even more time (and money) at Black Orchid and Partners & Crime.

David J. Montgomery

That's too bad. They were the original, too.

I always wondered how NYC could support 4 mystery bookstores. But I guess it couldn't.

DC doesn't even have one, if you can believe that.

Tough times...

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