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January 28, 2007



Hey, congrats on breaking into the L.A. Times. Well done.

David J. Montgomery

Here's hoping this is a sign the Times will be increasing their coverage of crime fiction. They can definitely use more of it.

Cornelia Read

GO you with the LAT!!! Excellent news.

Kevin Wignall

Sarah, given that you won't review books by people you know, I'm begging you to stop your conquest of the US reviewing scene! There'll be no papers left where your friends CAN get a review.

Mike MacLean

Congratulations Sarah.

I hope the powers that be at the TIMES are smart enough to publish more from you in the future.


I second Wignall on this. I mean, we appreciate a girl's gotta eat, but you're taking FOOD FROM OUR MOUTHS!

Bill Crider

Congrats on hitting the L. A. Times.

Those David Markson books are a lot of fun. It's nice to see that someone's reprinted them.

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