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March 20, 2007


David J. Montgomery

A big WOW for Patrick Anderson's review of Laura Lippman's brilliant new novel. That review absolutely blew me away. He praises the book so much that it would almost seem extreme, if it weren't all so well-deserved.

Anderson drives me up the wall sometimes, but when he's on his game, he can really do some damn fine work.

Bat Segundo

Why do you continue to offer credence to that despicable Ed Champion fellow? Yes, I realize he pays my bills. And I thank you for pointing out my podcasts, even though I am generally quite inebriated when I record these foolish intros. It has been proven without a shadow of a doubt that Champion is a fundamentally worthless writer. As Mary Dell has indicated, he is incapable of irony. As King Wenclas and May Barber had proven, he cannot write to an audience.

I don't know why you're so obsessed with Ed Champion's efforts, although I'm pleased to see that the blogosphere is now ignoring him. Because it's about time that this douchebag be revealed for the charlatan he is.

David Thayer

Patrick Anderson's review of Laura's book dovetails beautifully into the discussion of respect for wonderful work.

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