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April 27, 2007



Good stuff Sarah,

And a fight breakout......Good to see Barry intervene....please tell more



I cant' beleive I missed that party - it sounds amazing.

I was at the cocktail party the night before and Sarah - walked over to say hello to you only to see you leaving just before I got close enough to shout out.

And what fight? Who fought? Please dish!

Dave White

Somehow when I imagine Barry Eisler breaking up a fight, I imagine it as if filmed by John Woo.

Brian Thornton

Interesting tidbit about the fight. I'll look forward to getting the skinny on that as it trickles in from the various corners of the Net.

As for the question of who picked Jason Goodwin to win for THE JANISSARY TREE, that would have been *me*.

Not that I blog, or review, or that anyone ought to pay even the slightest attention to my opinion on matters literary, but I picked Goodwin as the one that ought to have won (as I did Al Guthrie for last year's Egdar, based on the strength of KISS HER GOODBYE, although, being a Spokane boy, it's awfully tough to argue with CITIZEN VINCE, in hind-sight).

So I thought Goodwin *should* win, but thought that Bayard *would* win, based on the buzz about both MR TIMOTHY and A PALE BLUE EYE (which I quite liked). For what it's worth, I came to Goodwin's fiction indirectly, because I was initially a fan of his non-fiction, particularly his book on tea, and the terrific LORDS OF THE HORIZONS: A HISTORY OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE, where he shows his training as a travel writer to splendid effect.

I am very pleased for Mr. Goodwin, and I cannot help but think that this Edgar can only boost the sales of his next book: THE SNAKE STONE, which comes out this June.

I know I'll be reading it!

All the Best-


Robert Gregory Browne

There are very few people who are capable of rendering me start struck, but if I were to be able to get just a glimpse of Donald Westlake, let alone hear him speak, I would be numb with excitement.

Westlake, of course, has been my writing hero (and teacher) since I was thirteen years old and read his serialized novel SOMEBODY OWES ME MONEY in Playboy.

I envy those of you who got to spend time with the man.

Okay, enough fan boy stuff.

Congratulations have to go out to my friend Naomi Hirahara for her win!

Brian Thornton

I for one envy Robert for getting to read PLAYBOY at 13.

David Terrenoire


I am in awe merely being within two degrees of separation.

Cameron Hughes

I've respected King for a long time for his fight in making genre fiction respectable.

And am I reading this wrong, or did Westlake not get the love he deserved? That is horrifying

Kate Pepper

I went to the cocktail party on Wednesday (as you know) and was also able to listen to the excellent panelists at the Symposium before the party. So many of the panelists were so great. Donald Westlake and Stephen King were especially amazing... listening to them made me feel, well, better about life/work as a writer which can have so many wrong ideas attached to it, and these guys have gotten it so right. And now your descriptions of the Edgars makes me wish I'd sprung for a ticket. You make it sound like so much fun! Thanks for sharing....


Fight? Why didn't you tell ME about THAT?

Cornelia Read

Sparkles. Heh.

THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! Sarah, your dress was a knockout, as usual.

And I am so hungover...

AS Meredith

Meant to writer earlier to thank you for the great write-up. It's almost like being there...

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