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April 02, 2007


Bill Peschel

Obviously a cry for help to be outed.

David Thomas

Am I Tom Cain? Well, you might say that ... but I couldn't possibly comment!

I'll tell you one thing, though, that article certainly wasn't a cry for help, simply an obedient journalist obeying his editor's request for a personal angle on the story ... like you do.

Kevin Wignall

David, if you look at the author profiles for this year's Harrogate you'll see a picture of Tom Cain - if he looks like you, he probably is you.

Seriously, very nice piece in the ST and good luck with the book.

David Thomas

You mean, some b*stard stole my face?!

David J. Montgomery

Congrats on the book, David. It's always a pleasure to see a journalist move to the other side of the game.

Steve Clackson

You mean, some b*stard stole my face?!

Well David we don't know if his parents were married or not but congrats on the new book! :)

David Thomas

If I see Tom Cain, whoever he is, I'll pass on those kind messages of congratulation. I know they'll be very gratefully received. And FWIW, there's more Tom Cainery to be had at ...


... apparently!

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