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August 15, 2007


David J. Montgomery

Very astute observations. You're more insightful than a lot of the critics who pretend to do this for a living.

Cornelia Read

Someone who reads actual books in Palm Beach--mirabile dictu! Great post, and I look forward to reading PRECIOUS BLOOD.

Regards to the Bath and Tennis...

B.G. Ritts

THE...DEADLY SINs of Lawrence Sanders -- there weren't nearly enough of them.

Jonathan Hayes

Actually, I'd love to hear any recommendations for thriller/mystery stuff. I'm really out of touch, and need to catch up badly...

Lynne Faubert

This is WAY off subject but I am researching Christmas food trends for 2007 and was wondering if you'd care to exchange? I'm a writer from Montreal, Canada. Do you have time... and Christmas spirit :) to enlighten me?


I'm sorry, Lynne, but both of my Xmas pieces are rather traditional/nostalgic - as is generally the case for holiday stuff!

All my children spoiler

Very good observations. You are more perceptive than many of the critics who seek to do this for a living.

Cartus hp

Anyone who reads real books in Palm Beach - mirabile dictu! Great post, and I look forward to reading Precious Blood.

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