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August 17, 2007


Karen Olson

Great seeing you last night, Sarah! It truly will be sad to see the Black Orchid close its doors for the last time; what a great store and what super people Joe and Bonnie are!!

Dean James

You know, I do feel sorry for the two writers whose laptops were stolen. But, geeze, who doesn't keep backup copies of their works somewhere? Backup drives aren't that expensive... especially when you consider what can happen in cases like this.

Cornelia Read

My very first computer, a Kaypro, was stolen out of the back of my car on CPW and 91st in 1986, the day I was going to move up to Syracuse. It had about two years of writing on the floppy disks taken with it--mostly crap, but still. I've been a lot more careful about backing up ever since. These days, even though I have a second hard-drive, I make sure to email myself a copy of the manuscript at the end of every day's work. I figure it doesn't hurt to have a copy floating around at Yahoo.

But still, those poor people!


Two words, folks: flash drive. I'm considering wearing mine around my neck.

David Thayer

Wow, that's the second reference to a Kaypro I've seen recently. I've launched my work into geosynchronous orbit. Let's see what the damned Ruskies make of that.

Clea Simon

Flash drive, discs, email... don't tell me I'm the only writer who keeps a disk in my car with a backup (as well as now having the whole iMac backup)? Or at least a recent printout? Sympathy, but...

By the way, I loved my Kaypro. A buddy had one and when her cat vomited into it, she simply took it apart, wiped it down, and it worked just fine.

Cornelia Read

David, I think we might just upset the whole damn Russkie apple cart with that. And Clea, the "cat-vomit-proof drive" would be a helluva marketing campaign.

David J. Montgomery

I just email a copy from my Yahoo Mail to my Google Mail. The world would practically have to be destroyed to lose both of those.

Jonathan Hayes

I'm like David, always emailing my current draft to my Hotmail addy. Plus I keep copies on flash drive, since I occasionally work away from home. And on my iMac, which I back up to a hard drive.

My writing is secure - the bigger problem is making sure that I'm always working on the most current draft, something I could correct if I ever established my .mac account.

Which reminds me: the new Mac operating system, due out this October, includes what they claim to be a superior, effectively transparent automated back-up system.

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