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August 22, 2007


Laura Benedict

Why, pray tell, is the whole “Oh, my, there are women who write violent fiction” thing still such an issue? Douglas-Home writes, “If more women than men are among the top 10 crime writers, presumably it's because readers clearly think women write it better.” While flattered for my sex, I would like to see the sample. It may be that next year it will be six or seven men’s names dominating the list. Writers—male or female—write what they write. Readers purchase per their changing tastes. Right now it happens that a few women have written some very popular, violent books. Can we stop being surprised that women, for so long considered a victim class, are more than capable of writing material that shocks, mystifies, and thrills? Can’t they just be writers whose books sit on the shelves in quiet equality with those written by people with differing anatomy? This stuff wears me out and makes me wish we were all required to publish using only our initials for identification and hand-puppets in our authors’ photos!


I do use a hand puppet for my author photo - so far it hasn't stopped anyone from recognizing me at conventions...

Laura Benedict

Steven, your sparkling personality just cannot be disguised by a hand-puppet!

Now, we have this creepy and enormous Holstein dairy-cow puppet, but, again, there's that feminine imagery. I think I'll go for the sparkle-covered T-Rex.

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