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August 20, 2007


Charles Ardai

What a terrific piece of research and reflection. A Times gig, especially one of long standing, has the tendency to turn individuals into icons, breed ill-defined resentment, and leech away a writer's personal history. You've given Marilyn a great gift by turning her back into a person in her readers' eyes, rather than a name carved in granite on an edifice in Times Square.

Ingrid (I.J.Parker)

Great blog! Must pass the word.

B.G. Ritts

...she used to be more "out and about" in mystery-land...

As in this picture from 2000:

Jan Brogan

Great piece on Marilyn Stasio -- It's comforting to be reminded that someone of her stature has both struggled and evolved.

Rosemary Harris

Oddly enough, I was leafing through a book on book marketing last night and the author suggested getting in touch with freelance writers (as a way to generate interest in your book.) As an example, he mentions a Marilyn Stasio who made a request in PW for mystery paperbacks for a feature she was writing for the NYTimes. Book's new edition was 2006 but was originally published in 1986 - don't think she has to solicit anymore.

Laura Benedict

This is an enlightening portrait, Sarah--I can only echo what Charles Ardai said so well. Nicely done!

tod goldberg

I mean this in only the very best way: You'd make a fantastic stalker.


And all this is a valuable lesson to all writers: stay hungry or stagnate.


A smile was put on my face today. Like most, I don't always agree with Stasio. But boy do I thank her. I thank her for introducing me to Bill James and Rankin and McDermid, a "kid" named Lehane, Paula Woods, and so many nitches and treasures within the genre I cannot even recall them all. That after 20 or so years of doing this she can still find a story within the books themselves is inspirational.
When I first began typing my thoughts on just finished books online I never hoped to be a "reviewer". What I did hope was that when I typed out an opinion I could deliver it same infused love for all things criminal as Ms. Stasio when she's at her worst (best is a tall, tall order).
Here's hoping that the curtain isn't drawn for decades to come.
Thanks Sarah

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