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September 26, 2007


Roddy Reta

I'm willing to read a GOOD Da Vinci Code knockoff. If anyone ever writes one, let me know.

Matt Hilton

'I'm surprised there hasn't been a thriller "tracing origins back to paganism"'. There has. 'Covenant of the Flame' by David Morrell deals with the Mithras Cult of ancient Rome.
Excellent thriller.

Ethan Meadow

Da Vinci Code knockoff's eh? I wasn't a big fan of the Da Vinci Code, but James Becker's "Apostle" sounds more interesting. I enjoy a good adventure novel. I'm also interested in eco thrillers, fiction mostly, but this sub genre is really intruiging. You might try Paul Mark Tag's "Category 5" and sequel "Prophecy". As for me I'm going to check out "Apostle" next time I have a free weekend. Nice post. Thanks for the great book tip.

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