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October 09, 2007


Clea Simon

Good for him! I'm sure readers will be grateful, particularly those who discover him through the SMP books and want to know what else he's done. I'm also betting that if he has any success whatsoever, someone else will pick up the rights - in fact, I'm really hoping that this is all a gambit to show how successful a backlist can be and what a good deal it would be for some smaller press.

David J. Montgomery

The fact that Mayor's publisher was (apparently) uninterested in his backlist is a brutal sign of how difficult it has gotten for authors of series mysteries. It is a very challenging business climate these days.

Stacey Cochran

Well, you all know what my opinion on this would be.

Way to go, Archer!

Now the best way to self publish, in his case, would be to buy 10 ISBNs from Bowkers for 350 bucks, and then go directly to Lightning Source who charges about 100 up front and then 1 cent per page.


Felicia Donovan

"...everybody understands that it doesn't matter what book takes off. We all benefit."

Imagine the revolution in the publishing industry if every author decided to take this route? Fascinating and gutsy. I wish him well.

Felicia Donovan


Best of luck to Archer, an all-around good guy and a fine writer. Not to mention one of the more entertaining speakers you'll come across if you've ever shared a podium with him.

Stephen D. Rogers

Can I guess what he's going to talk about at Crime Bake next month? :)

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