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October 04, 2007


Victor Gischler

Next: Who owns Chandler? USA vs. UK.



I vote for who owns Gischler.

Rosemary Harris

Yeah, yeah, but he had that wonderful cottage in the Bronx, too...New Yorkers have a stake in this...

Dave White

I heard Poe really loved NJ.

David Thayer

Poe ran a wine bar in Wellington Leg until his subprime mortgage came due; then he moved to Philly.

Christopher Cocca

To paraphrase another Philly icon, "Writers write." A statue at the art museum should seal the deal. At least until they move it.


Poe courted a woman in Providence! Lovecraft wrote about it! Rhode Island, bring it on!!!

Jeff Jerome

Good Grief! Philadelphia has more history that you can shake a stick at!! They have the Revolutionary War. Now they want our Poe! I've already put the word out. We're going to circle the wagons around the Poe grave. Set up torches and post pickets.

Jeez! Who will they claim next? John Wilkes Booth?? Come to think of it....they can have him.

Jeff Jerome
Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

Ed Pettit

My shovel's in the car and I'm ready to head down I-95. Got me a body to resurrect!

Thanks for the shout-out, Sarah!


After watching the Phillies the past couple days, maybe the City of Brotherly Love has a legitimate claim, after all. They certainly seem to have wholeheartedly embraced the theme of "Nevermore." (Although they still have a lot of catching up to do in the gloom department with the weak and weary Orioles...)

Clea Simon

And all this before Bouchercon '08? Baltimore fight back!


We should get coffee at Cafe Edgar....IN NEW YORK

Rosemary Harris

Is everybody fighting for their piece of the Poe..?


Ooh, crab cake hoagie.

Patrick Balester

Poe truely belongs to Virginia! After all, it was here that he was born and here that his melancholy personality was formed. He attended the University of Virginia. His first job was with the Southern Literary Messenger, in Richmond Virginia. Many of his first poems were likely written there. And of course, the Poe Museum is in Richmond.

It's true, Philadelphia and Baltimore do have some tenuous claim to Poe, just as a mistress has some claim to her married lover. But in the end, the married man usually goes back to his wife, and Poe fans will always return to Virginia.

Thanks to the Poe Museum, for providing much of this information. You can check out the museum here: http://www.poemuseum.org

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