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November 26, 2007



I'm in complete agreement on that particular comment, though I see no reason why Maslin should not otherwise be an excellent book critic. But what is very gratifying is that Connelly has cut back on the indiscriminate blurbing. I no longer take any blurbs seriously and don't give them. It's entirely too personal because it involves a good deal of fellow feeling for another writer who is struggling.

David J. Montgomery

Maslin's comment is absurd. Whenever critics start speculating on why an author did or didn't do something, it nearly always turns out badly.

Book reviews should be confined to discussing the book. Whatever the critic guesses at is usually not relevant.

John Leake

For the record, my publisher did not ask Michael Connelly to write a blurb for "Entering Hades." Terri Jentz, the author of "Strange Piece of Paradise," wrote a blurb for it.

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