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November 07, 2007


Bryon Quertermous

I don't know how many books were published by screenwriters during the strike, but I don't suspect many. Screenwriters, for the most part, are different writers than book writers and would probably stick with what they do best even during a strike. I think this is verified by the fact that after the 88 strike ended there was a HUGE influx of spec screenplays that writers worked on during the strike.

Jeremy Lynch

This is very much true. Already the focus has gone to remakes, with word of Death Wish and High Noon being reworked.

As if there was not enough reasons to want the strike to be a short one, Stallone directing and starring in Death Wish makes me want to dig into my own pockets to help out.

Mark Haskell Smith

I agree with Bryon, I wouldn't expect a big influx of book proposals or novels from striking screenwriters. Putting aside the fact that screenwriting and novel writing are two totally different muscles, the publishing cycle might take too long for writers used to the relatively quick gratification of TV work. Expect a boatload of original spec scripts to surface after the stike. Which could be a good thing. Maybe that will put an end to the monotony of the superheros, sequels, and remakes that the studios keep dishing up. (Yeah, I'm a dreamer.)

Of course for me, if I'm out walking the pickets, how can I finish my next book?

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