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November 13, 2007


Cornelia Read

And THE STEPFORD WIVES, which is great too. Very sad.

Keith Raffel

A Kiss Before Dying really was fantastic, wasn't it? And he wrote it when he was 23? Gawd. I think Times subscribers can click through to read the whole review for $0.


Sorry to hear. I saw "Deathtrap" with the original Broadway cast, and then again later with John Wood in the lead role - and with Marian Seldes in both productions!

Rosemary Harris

Apropos of the Wilton, Ct letter, I was lucky enough to see the Wilton students perform an excerpt from Voices in Conflict last week at the National Coalition Against Censorship's annual dinner. The students (ages 14-18) were remarkable and the opposition they faced and still face was formidable. Although their school production was shut down, they were able to perform the play off-Broadway some months ago (according to Christopher Durang, who was one of the play's champions, and who spoke at the dinner.)


Don't forget This Perfect Day, which was a liberal version of 1984.


This is dreadful news

I loved Ira's work from the moment I picked up A KISS BEFORE DYING....and read everything since




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