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December 12, 2007


David Thayer

That's good news all around. I'm a Jenny Siler fan, I thought AN ACCIDENTAL AMERICAN was one of the best thrillers of 2007.


Jeeze Myles...So Soon ?

It's only been almost 8 years without as much as a peep from you .
I agree , it's good news all the way around.

I think this mans entire life from 1965 to 2007 has been an accidental thriller.

I look forward to the book signing and ...poking you in the belly.


PPC Management

Should be interesting. I was in high school in the area when that happened. It was big news and a fascinating story. I've read two of Siler's novels and I'm very impressed with her. I'll definitely pick this one up.

Karen Spinney

Connor is a slimy murderous thief. If there is any glorification what-so-ever given to this pig then the book is a joke. I hope he never again gets the oppertunity to make my family relive the pain that he put us through.

-Karen Spinney.


HONOR - are you kidding me!!!! This guy is a scumbag and so is everyone who buys this book. How does a man responsible for the death of two 18 year old girls ,a cop and definitly more given the luxury to not serve the rest of his life behind bars.He took advantage of a weak judicial system and its crooked political sidekicks. Its not hard to figure out. But this lowlife is gonna get some fame and probably cash for this stack of toilet paper called a book. This author is catching the benefits of a murderer too, so thats says alot about her.



don't forget who owns the rights to the REAL story - the one that belongs to those two young girls whose lives were taken FOR NO REASON.

Does he remember how karen looked after she had been stabbed repeatidly? Did he watch when a screwdriver was driven through her head by his order?

anything to make a buck. you people disgust me.

Daughter of a Boston "Catch Me If You Can " The Plain Harsh Truth"

For The Posters who have been misled to believe by many law enforcement personnel. Including; The infamous F.B.I or as I like to refer To them as
"Funding Bulgers Informants." Among the many other criminal undertakings which include bribes, payouts, threats, and murder. The F.B.I.had the organized crime figures innocent families carry this burden though.. Please Wake up Boston, smell the Dunkies Cup just below your nostrils as you sip! You have bean had by your own city officials, state law officials, and Federal Government officials who commit Fraud....including Judges in the supreme courts who have turned a blind eye for decades!

I am a close source to The Karen Spinney and Susan Webster Murder's, so take it from me when I tell you the man who order their hit was NOT Myles J. Connor Jr., but rather a real scum sucking low-life degenerate Named John Stokes Whom was the intended target at Walpole State Prison after being stabbed over 130 times in his cell! The Murder of these beautiful. vibrant young naive girls screw driving murderous drug attic is DEAD!
Myles who is the son of a police officer and brother to a priest has had is run with the law, his criminal record reads like the list of from the Winter Hill Gang Murders, but none of which include murder of anyone! The social stigma of which the corrupt Federal Government has led you to believe about some the so called Unsolved Crimes of our History Including The Gardner Heist are closer to the source than anyone from it's agencies will ever reveal.........EVER! They are the Government, and they are better protected than the President should a shoot out with the Feds were to ever occur!

The Witness Protection Program was designed no less to protect whom exactly? The F.B.I! Why might you ponder,? Could it be because so many of the Boston's division became corrupt, criminals, and needed to put in place something sound proof to protect themselves,.This would not include however previous imprisoned informants who wished to make a deal for early releases or full immunity on pending charges. These guys were just the F.B.I's trap to take the fall when the fire would start to spread!

SO, The next time you read an article Where is James J Whitey Bulger, it is then my fellow Bostonians you should ask the feds exactly that piercing question?, Where is Whitey Bulger, why are they protecting him, hiding him in plain sight, and whom on the inside of the F.B.I. already KNOWS WHERE THE 13 STOLEN PAINTING ARE! HMMM, could it be JOHN CONNOLLY? NO, He wouldn't dare risk it all, would he? Just another reason to conceal evidence rather than reveal it to the the public. Then there is that 5 million dollar reward, all counted out, and ready to Be handed over to the anyone who can solve the crime and facilitate their return! How would the Feds explain this one exactly, Federal agent Blah Blah has solved the mystery of History, and set to receive his 5 million bucks after he returned the 13 stolen paintings found in J.F.K. library's secret replica oval office in the library's underground! HMMM seems it's a miracle, A parade shall follow this week to celebrate the city's excitement, and to honor the agent who made even bigger history by bringing back a renewed faith of Boston's entire civilization.......Hurray!

Remember when someone once told you DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR, OR DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER, Well the same rules apply here, and when the feds feel some the wiseguys who ran errands for the higher up infractions, and have reason to start singing like a canary the feds use a little bargaining chip called OUTRAGEOUS MISCONDUCT AND VICARIOUS ENTRAPMENT, AND THE Judges who sit in on the trials of the unfortunate younger generation who's only fault is Guilt by association, or in English terms verses legal terms friend's who lived next door, or children sons of the reputed Mobster hit-man!
The real low-life scum sucking murder's are those we call upon to act as duty to serve and protect us from all the crime/crimes that surround our inner cities, states and countries.........including protection from terrorist!
So my fellow Bostonians and all of us who reside in this country Arm yourselves, prepare to defend, die, or go to prison should anyone come to close to the Feds most unsolved crimes in history, they will always have a cell in Federal prison for those who think can solve something never was to begin with!
Future reference....To be a would-be overnight millionaire, find a government job you can nestled nicely in for an oath of corruption and you shall never feel the effects of the entire percentage of those of us left out of the loop and who's families may just end up a victim grieving over the loss of your young son imprisoned by the very people who vowed to protect him!
Your son going off to war to fight the fight the Government started in the first place has a better chance of coming home alive, than the absolute fate of dying in prison!!!! No convictions masterminded by the government will ever be overturned even if Elvis Presley would come alive again as a deal to overturn them!
If it were ever possible for the feds to reveal a fraction of their illegal crimes, I would still not be a child victim of an agent from the 70's who cocked an assault Rifle to my temple at age 4 while screaming tell us where he is or I'll blow her fucking head off right now; yelling to my mother forcefully held across the hood of the car being ruffed up, and beaten. whom was it the feds were referring to you wonder? My Father; one of the "Catch Me If You Can"!

I still have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from the violent emotional trauma inflicted on me that day! Did that scum-sucking slime bag go to to prison for outrageous misconduct and reckless child endangerment of a child? No, and he never will! Heed my warning, I joke you not, there is more the feds inflicted on me, sought me for information, followed me for leads, threatened me about those I loved, robbed and stole my childhood,changed the fate of functioning as a typically developing child, to a trauma victim so severely damaged by their torment that now as an adult I am considered permanently disabled under strict disability guidelines, and have collected SSI Since I was 14 years old, the age to most teens is finally the opportunity to get their first job, and feel a sense of Independence! I could not leave my house to get so much as a slush or penny candy with my own peers!
I had become officially, the result of the first clinical trial for the F.B.I's war against the power struggle in proofing 'We shall always instill more fear than any assumed Mafia organization', and if we have to kill every single innocent citizen who's nationality is Irish/Italian, then SO be It!
Wages of the war for Power and the people the feds included, but not limited too: mothers, Fathers, children, and their relative as they saw fit.!

Here is my version of the way Your Government works, against/with Criminals
you know ; the same "Good-Fellas" that vowed to protect and serve in behalf of the public safety against inner city organized crime figures elimination half the population in a murderous crime spree! Right? Or is possible that this is more like this (See below), but nobody will own it, and those who agree with me are afraid to say anything, probably for fear of their life. Well isn't that the same way organized crime figures use their weight to instill fear, so people won't talk or have an opinion, because if they do.........They are eliminated!
Okay folks here it goes, "My Version", and keep in mind please I have been on both sides of the fence, A daughter of a mafioso, and intended target of the F.B.I. since age 4!

Comes now the Government Amendment Act... as follows.
we the Government reserve the right to announce and uphold these conditions as clearly outlined to suite our own personal gain. We shall reserve the right to serve and act as we wish to, and shall conspire against any innocent party who wishes to avoid indictments of criminal charges the Government wishes to pursue against you, and your, we need not have proof, probable cause, evidence, witnesses, or any other document to exonerate you. Furthermore, we shall also reserve the right to choose who will prosecute you, and if we need to contradict ourselves to gain leverage in swaying the tainted jury pool. Also In the future; Shall the intended target who faces our decision to randomly pursue you in an attempt to dispose of you for reasons that will not require an explanation on our part; However if you try to ELUDE any Federal Agent recruited to otherwise compile a criminal case involving you, we shall reserve the right to sentence you to the highest guidelines without the eligibility of parole and during the debate of how severe the cruel and unusual punishment will be at the time your finally taken into custody to begin serving your sentence, you shall remain Guilty unless we say your innocent, the only exception will be, under an extreme set of circumstances that poses a threat to us as a whole, then you forfeit any privilege we may have otherwise granted you or perhaps considered you for a fair trial of a jury of your peers and given the privilege a defense attorney! Although this highly unlikely!
The above Amendment takes affect Now, and in the future it will serve to constitute as the new Federal guidelines in any fashion we decide! We reserve the right to impose/change and adapt any new rules that will considerably raise our wages; as the Government is after all the 'GOD of EARTH"!
The Federal Government

Note- Compare my theory w/ any Appellee case -or/ use my personal favorite and see for yourself..............It's an absolute Outrage this young man is going to die in prison, and he is only 1 I personally know is innocent! Also copy and paste text in your search engine and read the whole story for yourself? (See how to contact me below)
The F.B.I. Set Up Part One Boston Magazine
The F.B.I. Set Up Part Two Boston Magazine

United States Court of Appeals
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Appellee, v. DAVID TURNER, Defendant, Appellant
Let me know your comments and opinionsns and Questions-contact me at staceylynnem@yahoo.com


Can I download Siler's novels anywhere??? If anybody has it, could you please upload some of them at rapidshare (use http://rapid4me.com ). I would be very greatful!

Concerned Citizen of the damned

OK "Govornment". How is it possible that John Stokes was stabbed 130 times for threatening to turn states evidence against Myles Connor and Thomas Sperrazza? It was John Stokes who was going to turn states evidence not sperraza but guess what? Sperraza turns states evidence against Myles after he killed John Stokes. Let's see... Myles Connor ordered the murders of both girls and also ordered the murder of John Stokes through Sperrazza. All three are scum. Not just one! Yes Myles needs to get the death penalty. He knows to many corrupt law enforcement officials. Let's hope the times of the Billy Bulger law enforcement curruption days are coming to an end and lets put this Myles Connors behind bars for the rest of his life. Too bad we did not have the death penalty in this good ole state of Massachusetts.

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"Funding Bulgers Informants." Among the many other criminal undertakings which include bribes, payouts, threats, and murder. The F.B.I.had the organized crime figures innocent families carry this burden though.. Please Wake up Boston, smell the Dunkies Cup just below your nostrils as you sip! You have bean had by your own city officials, state law officials, and Federal Government officials who commit Fraud....including Judges in the supreme courts who have turned a blind eye for decades!


I don't know about any crap about anyone "ordering hits". I knew Sperrazza when I was a kid in JP - he lived 5 minutes from my house. I also knew several people who knew him. He pulled jobs for a livelihood, broke into drugstores to steal drugs, did jobs with 3 different people I knew. He had a reputation for being deranged even among deranged criminals. I was told he even committed a rape during a B&E in the South End.

I also was told that Susan Webster was a witness, or had knowledge after the fact, of the shooting, so Sperrazza killed both of the young women to eliminate them as witnesses. This guy is a psychopath and a sleazeball, and you'd have to be out of your mind to believe anything he says.


After I wrote the response last night, I realized I hadn't offered my condolences to the Spinney family. While I didn't know Ms. Spinney, I was shocked and saddened by her death and Susan's death.

I had moved out of Jamaica Plain around a year prior to these murders - I was probably 19 at the time. The death of a highly opportunistic and manipulative individual I was involved with was the event that precipitated my move.

The outcomes of so many people I had associated with were beyond unfortunate - they wound up dead, on drugs, or in prison. I was young, oblivious, and very, very lucky. I was fortunate not to have met with a similar fate to Susan and Ms. Spinney.

Again, to the Spinney family, and also to the Webster family, I'm very sorry for the loss of these two young women. While it is over 35 years after the fact, there is no statute of limitations for loss.

just a follower

wow what can u say miles connors a rapist a murderer still out on the streets. i think i will take my mother for a ride so i can bury two young girls.then take the police there so i can make another deal.have an idiot write a bunch of lies make money move on to my next victom. mr sperrazza sits in prison 36 years later. he sure did not get a deal.


i agree with the discust of that carrot top head fool. im ashamed to believe he is out on the steets.....his book was not good accurate reporting.....he hurt many family memberes with his lies.he will rot in hell

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