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January 21, 2008


Kerrie Smith

Good to read your review of MOONLIGHT DOWNS. My review is at http://paradise-mysteries.blogspot.com/2008/01/adrian-hyland.html
and Petrona also reviewed it at http://petrona.typepad.com/petrona/2008/01/diamond-dove-to.html

I do think it was a pity that the publisher insisted the title had to be changed. The original title DIAMOND DOVE still seems a lot more appropriate to me.


Clair Lamb

Miss Weinman, I've tagged you for a Thinking Blogger Award ... it's January, so this must be blogrolling month. You can see details at http://answergirlnet.blogspot.com/2008/01/thinking-bloggers-and-me.html

Linda L. Richards

As pleased as I was to see The National Post mention Death Was the Other Woman, it's not a cozy, even though the "c" word was used in the title of the article.

I mean, nothing wrong with cozies: I just don't write them. Strictly speaking, most of the other books mentioned in that article aren't cozies either. I think maybe the writer just wanted a blanket to throw over us. And it's the National Post, right? So I'll take it.

And another thing... (now that I'm going). When did we start shortening it to MLK day every darn place? When *I* was a kid, we said all the words. (And walked to school -- uphill both ways.) Hope yours is going well.

Rob Tiffey

In response to the Reuters piece, I offer a research service for writers who need someone to do some digging around on their behalf in the halls of the library or elsewhere. I live not far from the Library of Congress in Washington, an amazing research tool. Currently working for a published author and always looking to help another with a current or future project.

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