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February 06, 2008


Charles Ardai

Look, we've been down this path before. Remember when Kenneth Millar started writing books as "John Macdonald" and then switched to "John Ross Macdonald" (and finally to just "Ross Macdonald") when John D. MacDonald got pissed off about the similarity?

I'd look for "Inger Ash Wolfe" to become just "Ash Wolfe" (or "I. Ash Wolfe" or "I.A. Wolfe" or some such) over the coming years -- if the writer has any success under the name, of course.


I'm so clearly in the minority that I'm not sure I should even ask this, but why does anyone care who's behind the pen name?


I'm right there with you, Keith.

Some folks seem to have an obsession with finding this stuff out, or at least always wanting to be the person that knew first.


David J. Montgomery

What cracks me up is how the guesses are usually wrong. I can't count the number of times people have told me that Gayle Lynds is writing Robert Ludlum's posthumous novels.

Michael Feld

The book's fun; the geography is shaky. Gimli, MB, is less than 150 km from Winnipeg, not the "1000" km you find Wolfe imagining.

agnes dee

I admired the sentence and word usage, and that is the only reason I'd like to know who the author really is.


I'm reading "The Calling" now, and I suspect "Inger Ash Wolfe" is actually Margaret Atwood, the famous Canadian novelist, and if not, then "Inger" does a good imitation of Atwood's early non-crime themed novels. Inger?


I'm from the UK and am halfway through the Calling and I'm loving it. It's ace and very delicious to read. Frankly, I find it entertaining that the author has chosen to use an alias but am I bothered who it is? No, I'm just glad its a very good read.


The only reason I want to know the real identity of the author is to read more by her. I am listening to The Calling on cd and loving it. I understand that she will be writing more under this name, but I would read the novels she has already written under her real name in the meantime!

I would say that I don't think it's Margaret Atwood because The Calling is WAY better than The Poisonwood Bible, but that's all I've read by Atwood, so I could definitely be wrong there.


Hi there Shelly, I just wanted to correct you about something. Barbara Kingsolver wrote The Poisonwood Bible, not Margaret Atwood as you suggest. Atwood wrote The Handmaid's Tale, The Edible Women, Oryx and Crake, The Blind Assasin, Pay Back, etc., etc.
P.S. - It's widely believed that Russell Smith (author of How Insensitive and Noise) is Inger Ash Wolfe. I don't know if that has been proven or not. He doesn't admit to it on his website.


Thanks Marg! I was corrected at the bookstore, too, when I stopped to buy The Calling, so I did get straightened out yesterday. I have read Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, but it's been a very long time.

Carol Anne

I wonder if Inger Ash Wolfe might be Heather Mallick? After all, the name Mallick figures prominently in "The Calling."

Great book. Hope there are more to come. I'm a 64-year-old woman and enjoyed reading about someone my age.


I too believe Inger Ash Wolfe to be Margaret Atwood. Margaret Atwood's mind moves 100 different ways and she never disappoints the reader. But, there are some people out there who will not read a Margaret Atwood novel and this may be a creative way of reaching a broader audience.


Really brilliant book, pity for all the blasphemy , it was distracting. Just my view, i know it's not everyone else out there. Personally dont really care who the author is

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