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February 27, 2008


Jim Winter

Yesh! It'sh about time the mad Schcotshman got hish due.

[OK, you had to be at the Sean Connery soundalike in Madison back in '06 to get that. Russ won. Yesh, he did.]

Russel McLean

Why Jim,

You're a shite...

...for shore eyesh...

And Sarah

Thankyou for mentioning this!

Stuart MacBride

And well done to the 'man who walks like a badger'. Well deserved.

Ray Banks

Is that his Dances With Wolves name, Stuart?

Congratulations to the man I like to call Rusty. Less congratulations to Guthrie for leeching off his talent. Ahem.

Grant McKenzie

One can never have enough Scots on the mystery scene - at least that's what I told my editor ;-)
Congrats, Russel.

Russel McLean


I also talk like a badger. They do say don't walk the walk, after all...


Al doesn't leech off my talent.. he merely asks for a 100% commission...


Cheers, man... yeah, I its not like there are a few of us out there at all is it? :-) Heh... but seriously, thank you and best of luck yourself with SWITCH...

Sean Chercover

You rock, Russel. Congratulations!

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